Gak tahu apa yang akan ditulis di blog ini. Stuck !

Berat juga sebenarnya, aku yang harusnya mencurahkan semua ini pada teman-teman, gak maksud gak percaya, now we’re not in one place again.

Tapi jarak bukan jadi halangan, karena jalinan itu gak ada batasan.

Tapi aku bener – bener lagi pengen berbagi.

Sulit, sangat sulit..

Entah kenapa jadi begini akhirny.

Sulit perkirakan ini benci atau cinta.

Kalo keduany dijalani,

Entah sedang benci atau cinta selalu dipersatukan sama yang namany persahabatan

Well, dia gak tahu karena yang aku tahu aku gak pernah anggap dia Sahabat.

I Impressed by Someone…Yaaaa….itu dia.

How beautiful I feels love comes to me

Before it comes, I feel touched heart that’s makes hearts is so jetlagged

Then it makes me mad..

How I miss You so bad, everytimes..

Then, I let it flow, sing like in the movie, then bla bla bla.. My All is I love you so much

I didn’t seems I love G (I called) because I won’t his know because we’re Best Friends..

But I need to tell G this,

I feel there’s no other love like your love

And I, as long as I live I’ll give you all the joy

I promises I won’t hurting you..

But, sometimes

In the deeply love I was fall, oftenly I’m jealeous, I’m getting mad

Always angry without knew what the problems

Because I’m save it alone..

In this moment I’m ambigouitius

If I tell you maybe I get you then I’m the lucky one

But if I didn’t tell you I was the most regret all the times..

I pick, I’m and silent..

That make our relationship almost broke

Until a few month we’re in silent fight (That’s I know since you ever say it but I don’t fell we’re in fighting)

Oh, please…

I’m your biggest fans, I hate situation like this..

I Miss you, but

I wanna you first to text me but you forget my big Day..

One day we has met, you say Sorry about it

I just smile to you and say “It Okay”

“It will be Alright” said my heart.

Ok, I was made mistakes,

Cause my silent love makes you far away

eventhrough it maybe times

It’s seems im far away

Never wonder where I am

Cause I am always by your heart

I don’t wanna anything I just want you here

Jokes to me again

where have I plug the sharp thorns?

I unplugged it will

Your not alone,

I’m here was hurt if should forget you..

I love the Way you look at me,

I love the way you care to me,

I love the way you touch me,

I love the way you need to me,

I love being around you

But the most of all

I love the way you let me into your world..

I love you, so much, as always and as forever..

I love you.

For now,

I wanna you tell me a nice movies, pics, songs and the other..

Hi, friend Im Sorry about the past..

But where are you?

I want keep our conversation again..

I won’t losing you..

I’ll be your bestest friend by now and forever….